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Our specialties include:

  • weight loss
  • body transformation
  • muscle building and hypertrophy
  • triathlon, 5k, and marathon prep
  • rehab, post operative recovery and corrective exercise
  • core training
  • balance and flexibility training
  • sport specific training and athletic development
  • body fat testing with hydrostatic testing and skin fold calipers
  • nutritional counseling and mentorship
  • meal planning and cooking demonstrations

Wilmington Performance Lab is a privately owned personal training facility catering to each individual clients needs and fitness goals. Nationally certified trainers with a four year degree in either physiology, kinesiology, or exercise sports science work hand in hand with each client to ensure that all workouts are challenging, but specific to current fitness levels and progressed at the proper pace. To optimize ones results individuals should complete a thorough assessment and Functional Movement Screening, allowing trainers to assess the client for restrictions in movement, faulty patterns, asymmetries, or imbalances in specific movement patterns before beginning any training program By completing this screening we are able to ensure that strength is not being built on top of dysfunction. Instead, we focus on repairing the foundation with corrective exercises, and instilling quality movement and form first, then we work on building strength. This enables us to build impressive levels of fitness for our personal training clients, while maintaining their health and well being, and avoiding injuries in the process.

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