30-day Challenge (January 2018)

30-Day Fittest-Self Challenge

Get the daily accountability you need to lose weight and tone up

Registration for this challenge ends Thursday, March 22nd

This is for you if: 

  • You need an easy fat melting plan to follow that lays out step by step what you need to do.
  • You lack accountability, motivation, or direction and need someone to keep you on track.
  • You need a close friend or your spouse on-board to support your healthy choices and make changes together. (You can also do it without a partner)

So, what is all included in the 30-day Fittest-Self Challenge?

  • Meal Plans - We don't just give you guidelines to follow. You get a complete meal plan with simple, delicious recipes included!
  • Fat Blasting Workouts - Say hello to workouts that burn more calories per minute, are built to your unique fitness level, and are adjusted to align with your skill level by an expert coach. The variety in the workouts will leave you surprised at how quickly the 45 minutes go by, yet you’ll be relieved that it’s not longer. 
  • Expert Coaching - Everything we do at WPL is coached by highly qualified professionals with tons of experience coaching people just like you. 
  • Peer Accountability - This challenge is for partners - meaning couples, workout partners, or friends wanting to get serious about fitness. Your success will depend greatly on the support of your partner. (You can still join without a partner, but we highly recommended to do it with a partner to increase your chances of success.) 
  • Education - Education will be delivered directly to your smartphone each day. The information may be brand new to you or a great reminder of something you can focus on to improve your health. If you prefer email, you have the option to receive it there! 
  • Accountability Software - The coaches can see how well you're doing, on a daily basis, through your daily check-ins. The same app that delivers your education will also track your compliance. This gives coaches the knowledge of your progress each day of the 30-day challenge!
  • Facebook Challenge Accountability Group - Join the Facebook group dedicated to your success. Your partner is only one part of this; you've also got an entire community behind you rooting for you and sharing ideas & tips!  

  • Get 25% off unlimited access to TSL and TCL - Reach 40 points (80 points for teams) and get 25% off unlimited access to TSL and TCL. You get one point every time you lose a pound, lose a body fat percentage, do your daily habit, answer your weekly review, and upload your before and after pictures to your app. If you lose ten pounds, you automatically get the discount!

  • Weigh-ins - Initial weigh-ins will happen the first week of the challenge: Friday, March 23 through Friday, March 30th. Final weigh-ins will happen all week from Monday, April, and Friday, April 27th. You'll weigh-in every week as well. 

Get 25% off the Unlimited Access to The Strength Lab and Conditioning Lab Package!  

Success is bestowed upon those that take charge and take action. This is not going to be easy and you won't be able to just kind of follow the plan and win the prize. You are going to need to lock in your mindset, follow the nutrition plan, get movement in regularly, and check-in with coaches. But, if you do those things I GUARANTEE you will be successful. Not only will you be 1-2 pant/dress sizes smaller, but you will be setting yourself up to get in the best shape of your life. 

The Workout: At Wilmington Performance Lab, we pride ourselves on our fat-melting workouts that you'll find in The Conditioning Lab. This challenge gives you access to either 3 sessions per week or unlimited sessions to this high-calorie-burning group workout. We scale the workouts to your ability, and as a matter of fact, the majority of our clients never did any training before they came to us. They were complete beginners. Our motto is, just get through the door and we will guide you the rest of the way.  

The Nutrition: No more guessing what to eat. We lay it out in a simple eat this, not that format. Also, we provide you with an exact meal plan to get you to your goals. Don't like something or need more ideas? We have created an entire Pinterest page with healthy recipes.

The Accountability: The number one reason clients seek out Wilmington Performance Lab is for accountability. We decided to take our accountability and step it up a notch. You will have a daily check-in, so we will know immediately if you start falling off. Want to meet in person, do measurements or just chat with a coach? Just reach out to your coach and we'll make it happen.  

The Reward: The goal is to reach 70 points, or 140 if you have a partner, by focusing on the things that lead to results - doing your habit, reviewing your week, and checking in with your coach. Yes, you also get points for each pound that you lose. Reach the threshold and you get 25% off unlimited access to The Strength Lab and The Conditioning Lab. 

Did we mention you have full access to the coaches?? We'll help you create a plan for your success. And you get access to optional body compositions to check your progress. You CAN do this and we want to be with you every step of the way!

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