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Unilateral Leg Training

Unilateral Leg Training By Stephen Brandis, CSCS Another hot topic in the fitness and sports training world is that of bilateral vs. unilateral leg training. Bilateral training refers to working both legs simultaneous as in [...]

The Sour Side to Sugar: Part 3

The Sour Side to Sugar, Part 3: Early Onset Dementia By Stephen Brandis, CSCS  In two of our previous posts we discussed sugar; what it is, the different kinds, and why our bodies require it. [...]

Guide for Choosing Healthier Airport Eats

Choosing Healthier Airport Eats   DIY snacks The processed foods that are the mainstay of airport dining don’t satisfy hunger for very long.  That’s because processed foods like white bread, bagels, chips and pasta, digest [...]

All About the ALCAT

All About the ALCAT By Kimberly Ancira, M.S. You’ve probably heard something about this so-called ALCAT test, wondering what it all entails and if your social life is over once you take it. Since we [...]

Get Your Rear In Gear

Get Your Rear In Gear: Glute Function, Inhibition, and Activation    By Stephen Brandis, CSCS   A topic that has garnered particular interest in the fitness industry amongst many leaders in the field today are [...]

Breaking the Habit

Breaking the Habit: Changing the Way You Look at Food   Habits constitute much of our daily lives. From what time we wake up,the route we take to drive to work, how we greet others, [...]

Self-Myofascial Release

Foam Rolling Basics and Benefits Those of you who attend our facility for personal training or group classes have probably become all too familiar with the foam roller and self-myofascial release techniques (SMRT). To those [...]

The Sour Side to Sugar (Part 2)

The Sour Side to Sugar (Part 2)  By Kimberly Ancira, MS, CPT   What is high blood sugar (Hyperglycemia)? There is nothing sweet about high blood sugar, and many people who are at risk for diabetes [...]

The Sour Side to Sugar

The Sour Side to Sugar (Part 1) By Kimberly Ancira, MS, CPT   Back to Basics: What is sugar? Sugar is a simple molecule comprised of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. Its natural source is from [...]

Whole 9 guide to eating dirty (part 2)

Whole 9 guide to eating dirty (part 2) If you haven’t read our Eating Dirty (Part I) post yet, do that now. You really do need the background to understand where the below recommendations are coming [...]

Whole 9 guide to eating dirty (part 1)

Whole 9 guide to eating dirty (part 1) If you’re reading this blog, we all have one thing in common: we try to eat well, whether we call it “Paleo” or “Whole30? or just plain [...]

Client Appreciation Letter

Client Appreciation Letter I want to take a few minutes on my first official blog to express my gratitude and appreciation to all of my extraordinary clients. All of you, both past and present have [...]

The Whole30

Have you indulged in a little TOO much merry making this holiday season?  Is it time to ‘dial in’ your nutrition and get your fitness on?!  Sounds like you’re a perfect candidate for the inaugural [...]