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Personal Training/Coaching

Get Inspired, Set Goals And Take Back Control of Your Health With Help From Our Expert Coaches.

Our personal trainers have earned their degrees in physiology, kinesiology or exercise sports science. A team of committed individuals who are here to help you make the change you want. Receive the appropriate exercises, intensity, and strategy that meets your unique needs. We personalize every facet of your workout. Facets such as the warm up exercises in your workouts. And more important areas such as strategies to help you stick to your goals outside of the gym. The “personal” in “personal trainer” is our top priority.


Nutritional Coaching (one on one)

Learn what to eat and how to eat with help from a Registered Dietitian. This nutrition expert provides educational pieces that go beyond counting calories. Our Registered Dietitian works with you to create personalized strategies. Strategies to help you overcome the personal obstacles that have held you back in the past.


Start Looking Forward to Your Cardio Workouts

Whether your goal is to lose your first 10 pounds, lose those stubborn last 5 pounds, or just love to push yourself in a stimulating group atmosphere, The Conditioning Lab will make reaching your goal fun. This class entails a blend of cardio intervals mixed with body-weight exercises to maximize the number of calories that you burn during and after your workout. And with a limit of 12 people to a class, beginner’s, returning exercisers, and advanced fitness enthusiasts can all rest assured that they’ll get the attention they need to be challenged enough to make them want to come back for more.


Build Tone, Increase Strength, AND Have Fun Doing It

Build functional strength with this four-person training group. You’ll work on building lean, not bulky, muscle to increase the number of calories that you burn throughout the day – even when you’re at rest. And you can do it all at your own pace. The groups are small enough that your coach can help you focus on form to get the most out of every exercise while helping the experienced gym-goers improve their strength.


Get the Accountability You Need to Overhaul Your Exercise and Nutrition Habits Over the Next 30 Days

Within these 30 days you’ll get an easy fat-melting plan to follow that lays out step-by-step instructions. You’ll get daily accountability, motivational tips, someone to keep you on track. And to give you added accountability, you can have a close friend or your significant other join you to increase your chances of success.


Make the Change You Want

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