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Speaking Engagements

Get Inspired, Credible Information and Strategies to Make the Change You Want.

Our speaking engagements are designed to educate you on more than the best way to lose fat. You’ll learn how to incorporate health into your life. We’ll debunk myths surrounding health and fitness so you can focus on the actions that are effective in helping you get results. By the end of it you’ll have your own strategy to start making health a part of your life.

Be Inspired.

The story telling approach will help you connect the dots between information and application. Facts and figures alone don’t illustrate the vivid picture we need for successful application.

The latest information on what you care about.

We create personalized presentations on topics that you and your organization cares about the most.

Strategies You Can Use.

We go over the process of how to create goals for your needs. How you can achieve them, and what to do when your journey becomes difficult.



Client Feedback

“Chris guided me to realize how to improve my health goals. The feedback from his presentations has indicated that employees were motivated to improve their health and their family’s health.”

– Jennifer Gallo, Health Promotion Specialist for Liberty Health Care

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