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Our Philosophy

“We believe in looking at everything that you do in your daily lives.”

Rebecca Mcabee

Rebecca Mcabee

Owner and Trainer

NSCA-CPT, FMS level 1

Fitness has always been a pivotal part of my life. As a young girl, cheerleading brought me a sense of athleticism and competitiveness that carried me to where I am today.

I began working as a special needs teacher, fulfilling my passion for helping others and instructing. However when I met my husband Chris several years later, I discovered another passion; the health and training field. Training became a way to fuse fitness and teaching into my daily life.

Chris and I are now proud owners of Wilmington Performance Lab. His passion and knowledge of the field has been an encouragement and has helped lead us to where we are today. Our mission is to help individuals meet their health and fitness goals in a challenging, exciting, comfortable environment.

The most enjoyable and rewarding aspect of being a trainer is seeing your clients achieve their goals and be successful. Every day I get to witness individuals do more and be more than they ever dreamed of. My clients have coined me as the “glute queen,” since this is a focus of every session. I primarily work with females to help them achieve an athletic, yet feminine physique, and more importantly find confidence in themselves as beautiful, strong women.

Chris Mcabee

Chris Mcabee

Owner and Trainer

NSCA-CPT, FMS level 1, Precision Nutrition Level 1

I was born and raised in Durham NC. I was fortunate to be the youngest of 3 boys, and found competition in sports against my brothers as a huge passion at an early age. I primarily participated in basketball, football, and track and Field. I played all 3 throughout high school, and then decided to come to UNCW and the coast for school. I knew from the very beginning, that athletics and sports were a huge area of interest for me and I dove head first into a health and applied human sciences degree with a concentration in exercise science and a minor in community health.

I began personal training through an internship program in 2003 and I immediately fell in love with the profession. There is no feeling in the world as gratifying and fulfilling as watching someone make a transformation, and knowing you played a part in their success. I trained for 7 years at varying facilities in town, learning the ins and outs of the business. In January 2010, my wife and I decided to open Wilmington Performance Lab. This business has grown so much and has taught more than I ever realized. I love waking up each morning to come work with my clients and friends and empower people each day to make incredible lifestyle changes.

My training philosophy has developed and matured throughout the years. Today I realize that I am no longer in the fitness business, but I am in the possibility business. I challenge people to question themselves and their limits, with the goal to always exceed their expectations. I challenge them to push beyond their limits and their comfort zone to achieve feats of strength and endurance that they always thought were impossible. In removing those beliefs and limitations, people begin to realize that there are other areas of life they have been holding back, there is greatness in all of us, and it is my job to help everyone realize that greatness. Once that is unlocked, they realize that nothing in life is impossible! The only limit you have is the perceived limits of your mind. With the right goals and strategies you can achieve anything in life. It is my pleasure to spend my life empowering others and seeing the product of hard work and dedication.

Kari Grunow

Kari Grunow


Registered Dietician

Wilmington Performance Lab is proud to introduce the newest team member, Kari Grunow, Registered Dietitian! Kari received her Bachelors of Science Degree in Medical Nutrition from SUNY Oneonta upon completetion of her Dietetic Internship at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida. After working in her native New York for 5 years, Kari and her husband decided to move somewhere with a slower pace of living and have made their home in Wilmington

Kari is a Registered Dietitian and 1st Place Champion Bikini Fitness Competitor who knows that your health and peak performance start in the kitchen! Set up your first appointment to find out how to fuel your goals with the right nutrition plan. Each plan is tailored to meet your specific goals and schedule. Kari has worked with clients of all ages, athletic abilities, and medical conditions. With Kari’s passion for nutrition and fitness she is motivated to help you become the best version of YOU!


Jonathan Recinos


Customer Experience

I found a passion for fitness when I found joy in soccer late into my childhood. Unfortunately, my sedentary childhood left me with a significant disadvantage which was being overweight, close to being obese, and having poor fitness levels. I learned to eat better and exercise more through trial and error. After a few failed attempts, willpower and a lot of time I came across success. I lost about 20 pounds of fat and gained 10-15 pounds in muscle.

When I got to college, I no longer had the amount of free time that once I had. So I started to gain weight, but this time, I managed to prevent it from getting out of hand. I learned to make health work for me between school, work, hobbies and the social aspects of life that I enjoyed, like drinking a beer with friends. Finding success came with a lot of failed attempts as well.

When I graduated college, I faced the same challenge in a different manner. Now I had a full-time job, more work-related skills to learn,  and I had to adjust to a different lifestyle – and the stress that comes with it. But once again, I learned to adapt to my new environment.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that as time demand changes, the skill set we need to be healthy changes with it.

I’m a big believer of “less is more.” Because it forces you to focus on the essentials that allow you to reach your goals. Instead of the small details which have little to no effect on helping you achieve your goals.

Helping others learn how to make health a part of their daily lives is one of the most fulfilling roles I’ve ever had.