The Strength Lab

“It feels like everytime I join a gym, I end up having a gym membership that I hardly use.”

What if you could build tone, increase strength, AND have fun doing it?  

Hi, I’m Chris McAbee, founder of Wilmington Performance Lab. Over the last 15 years, my team and I have worked with hundreds of clients to help them lose fat and build tone to get in shape.  


During these 15 years, I’ve noticed a trend with people who set out to get in shape:  

Most of them spend years going through vicious cycles of working on their fitness routine. They have periods of success and failure but nothing sticks in the long run.  

By the time they come to us for help, the problems they want help with tend to be:  

  • They skip more workouts than they attend, especially once the excitement of starting a new self-guided workout program fades. Or if it’s a class, they start skipping class once they realize that nobody will notice.  
  • When they do go to the gym, they feel unmotivated to push themselves when they get there.  
  • They’re willing to make the lifestyle changes, but they don’t know where to start.  
  • They wonder if they’re doing the right workouts for their goals, the right exercises with the proper form, and enough of it.  
  • Working out feels like a chore.  


To find the difference between these people and people who were successful in reaching their goal, I turned to my clients who were doing well. Again, I started seeing a pattern in the answers they were giving me. The most frequent answers revolved around having a plan, accountability, and enjoyment.  

Having a plan helped them focus more on executing and less on second guessing themselves. Accountability helped them the most in the moments they didn’t feel like working out. And enjoyment helped them look forward to the workouts.  

Clients were getting this help through personal training. So they also had a support system to help them when they felt stuck. And they got the attention they needed to focus on proper form to avoid injury during their session.  

But we came across one problem with this structure:  

We could only help a small amount of people. 

So, to help more people be the strongest, fittest version of themselves, we built a new program:  

The Strength Lab  

It’s a four-person training group where it feels like you have a personal trainer in a small group setting. You have fitness coaches give you the accountability you need to become the strongest, fittest version of yourself. And you get the attention you need to stay safe. 

"Once someone feels comfortable with the place and people they work out with, they will have a much higher chance of making working out a habit and making fitness a priority in their life."

"The atmosphere and community is not intimidating for different levels of fitness here. The welcoming and relaxed atmosphere keeps everyone comfortable. I feel that once someone feels comfortable with the place and people they work out with, they will have a much higher chance of making working out a habit and making fitness a priority in their life."

- Rosina Walton, WPL Client

Become the strongest, fittest version of yourself - with the help of a fitness coach 

Start looking forward to your workouts instead of feeling guilty for paying for an unused gym membership. Get accountability from a fitness coach to push yourself on the days you feel like slacking. And surround yourself with other people on the same journey as you to get the support you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  

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It’s like having a personal trainer in a small group setting

  • Increase the number of calories that you burn throughout the day by building lean, not bulky, muscle - even when you’re at rest. Inside of the hour that you spend with your fitness coach, you’ll get a full body resistance training workout that is designed to help you build a leaner, stronger body. You’ll do the main exercises that you need to build functional strength. These are the same exercises that are known for burning the highest amount of calories during your workout. And keeps your calorie burn elevated afterwards. After you do the main exercises, you’ll do less complex exercises in a manner that will keep you calorie burn elevated during your session, while also helping you build lean muscle. 
  • Learn proper exercise form to build functional strength, safely. You will make each exercise more effective by making the subtle adjustments that your coach recommends. In doing that, you will also reduce the chances of injury that are associated with improper exercise form. And if you’re worried that you cannot do a certain exercise, your coach will modify the exercise to your skill level. Your coach will then progress the difficulty of your exercises each week to help you master the most essential movements. Resistance training is a skill. The more you practice, the more feedback you get, the better you get at it.  
  • Go at your own pace. The groups are small enough that your coach can help you focus on form to make sure you’re doing the exercises correctly, while still helping the experienced gym-goers improve their strength. And since the workouts are designed with all fitness levels in mind, the workouts are modified to be as hard (or as easy) as you want them to be.  
  • Get the push you need to workout on the days that you want to slack. With four people to a group, you’ll get to meet others on the same journey as you. You’ll become part of a community who supports each other in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. And, to add to that, you will get the motivation you need to work as hard as you can from your coach. You’ll be pushed enough to challenge yourself and make you want to keep coming back for more.  
  • Get better results out of the time that you spend working out. Once you’re in The Strength Lab, you’ll have the workout part taken care of. But to start seeing the body changes you want, at the pace you want, you need to pay attention to the foods you put into your body. You’ll need to eat the right foods, the right amounts, and make it fit your busy schedule. So, to help you dial in your nutrition habits, you’ll get access to our 30-day Starter nutrition program. FREE. You’ll get a meal plan so you know what to eat, daily accountability to make sure you execute, daily education to help you modify the plan to your lifestyle, and access to a coach for when you get overwhelmed with nutrition questions. You’ll get it all through one app. 

Get into a routine of feeling better and moving better

Build the strength and endurance to do your favorite physical activities. Whether it’s playing sports with your kids, preparing yourself for a 5k run, or rearranging all the furniture in your home, you’ll feel confident that you can handle it without getting hurt. In some cases, the people around you may even struggle to keep up with you.  

Feel better by releasing stress in a healthy way. Being a parent, meeting work deadlines, and putting out fires throughout your day puts a toll on your mind and body. So you need a healthy way to release stress to avoid the health complications that come with feeling overwhelmed all the time. According to Precision nutrition, weight gain and muscle loss is just one of many symptoms that come with being unable to handle stress.

Build confidence that you can take anywhere. By gaining tone, mastering full-body exercises, and learning to push yourself out of your comfort zone, you’ll feel better about taking on challenges outside of the gym head on.  

Achieve a tone, defined look. The more lean muscle you have, the more calories you burn at rest. But if you’re trying to lose weight, you will find that it’s easy to lose the thing that gives you a tone, defined look: lean muscle. That’s why you want to make sure you retain as much of it as possible when you’re trying to slim down by including resistance training in your workout regimen.  

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Get everything you need to start on the right path in your success session: 

  • A better understanding of your body’s physical limitations. To set goals and measure progress, you first need to know what your starting point is. We’ll use a series of low-intensity exercises to find physical limitations that you have, so every instructor can make modifications during the workout to keep you safe.  
  • Learn what you need to focus on inside and outside of the gym to reach your fitness goal. We’ll help you create a personalized fitness plan. To do that, a fitness coach will help you create goals, identify potential obstacles, and help you decide what your next step is based on your current fitness level. 
  • Make sure this is the right fit for you and your goals. When you come to your Success Session, you may still be wondering if this is the right program for your goal. Inside the session, you’ll get a chance to ask more questions. And you will get a closer to look at how The Strength Lab will help you reach your fitness goal.  
  • 2 Redeemable Free Strength Sessions. Once you know what your next step is, you’ll get two free passes to our four-person strength training groups. Before you go to your first Strength Lab session, you’ll feel confident that you are doing the right type of workouts to be the strongest, fittest version of yourself. 

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